Basic Modules: Exercise in childhood

The first three modules are dedicated to general theory and practice of exercising in childhood:
Developmental physiology aspects of exercising in childhood are accompanied by practical examples, mainly games that were developed by top experts and contribute to developing various skills in everyday kindergarten life.

  • Part 1: Aspects of developmental physiology
    This first part of the advanced training series provides theoretical bases and practical experiences on physical activities for the various age groups.
  • Part 2: Motorical skills and Coordination
    Within the seminar, various methods and styles for developing endurance, power, speed, agility, and co-ordination (in particular balance, dexterity and reaction) are pointed out and practised.
  • Part 3: Games
    Games are the most important elements of PE training. In part three, options are presented for developing important basic motor skills, coordination skills and psycho-social contacts in an enjoyable manner.